Little brother flying alone (UK attachment)

Its didi 1st time flying off to a foreign place alone. Although this can be avoided with better planning so that he can go with his friends but this is a great opportunity for him to grow into a responsible and independent person.

Usually the first thing to settle was to get the boarding pass, but we couldnt spot didi’s flight so I thought we willl just queue up at the british airway counter. Apparently, didi’s flight timing had brought forward. And the flight will be departing in 30 minutes time! The counter staff had kindly arrange for a seat for didi with the same arrangment first from sg to london and london to glascow.
Phew~ 真是有惊无险。
But why? How can british airway change the flight timing without informing the passengers? This is very irresponsible of them. If its not for the coincidental timing of another flight. My little bro would have missed his attachment.
Lucky, I manage to hide this from my father, otherwise he would be worried sick.
After didi check in, dad wants to see the plane flying off so my mum and I with dad went to the viewing mall.


Dad wanted to get a good view of the taking off of didi's plane

Isnt this a cute sight?

Didi, please take care. Mummy is feeling very worried and down as her 小心肝is away from her.
See u in one month time


Birthday treat at M Hotel (Cafe 2000)

Thank you baby for the birthday treat. Knowing that i love salmon sashimi, we went for the dinner buffet instead of the lunch buffet. I even took a one day urgent leave just to eat XD.

It was a 10 minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT to M Hotel, although it was drizzling that day. Our excitement to feast cannot be contain. We really are a twin of glutton.


I’m a glutton when it comes to food and i dont mind piling my food all in one plate even if they are not suppose to mix. Afterall, all the food still goes into the same bag :D.

Baby and i was so full that we cannot even have a sesame seed

And also, thanks for the white romper from MDS. Thank you baby. I will be wearing it for my first date on 5 June 2016.

Happy 26th Birthday to me ( 6 June 1990).

Birthday Treat at Swensens ice cream buffet with Nisa

This is our 3rd time celebrating birthday together at Swensens ice cream buffet, i guess we really like cakes and ice cream a lot.IMG-20160524-WA0003_mh1464055595305


Thank you Nisa for the treat. I really thankful for all the things you have done for me. Our memories at UK attachment will always be a sweet chapter in my university journey. You are a friend who selflessly build people up and i cannot be anymore thankful for that.

I am super looking forward to your wedding on 3 Dec 2016.

I must remember to take leave to be your bridesmaid~

Mother’s Day makan at Sakura Buffet

Our family are not the types that gathers often. We seldom have our meals together. Most of the time, i will have my meals with my mum, my father will have his food all in a big bowl and have his meals in his room, same goes as my brothers as they have their meals at his room and tables. So dates like this is extremely rare and I value this day very much. MTXX_20160507201251.jpg

Food at Sakura buffet was good before but not anymore. I have to ask the chef for the salmon sashimi. And each time i ask, im only given two thinly slices on a glass cup.

Cook food was below average, however desserts was still ok. My favorite is the mochi and ice cream.

Happy Mother’s day!!! Next time we shall go to a better place. Inital plan was actully Coleman’s Cafe at Peninsula Hotel but it was fully booked. Hence, we decide to have father’s day celebration at Coleman’s Cafe.

New feasting again soon 😀

My Bums and thigh are getting huge

Chewy Cookies

Chewy cookies has always been my favorite cookie which is chewy and soft at the center with a slight crispy edge.

However my cookies are not as chewy compared with Subway’s cookies as they are thicker & taller in height. But, they still taste great, not too sweet and has a soft cookie texture.

If im making these cookies again for my consumption, I will reduce the butter to 70g.


Recipe: Makes 32X 6.5cm wide cookies


2 eggs (Room Temperature)

100g brown sugar

50g white sugar

100g of room temperature butter (Advise to lower the butter to 70g; but i have not tried 70g butter before)

1tsp vanillia extract

200g self raising flour

40g chocolate chips/ any nuts or M&M (optional)


Combine butter with brown and white sugar whisk with a electronic mixer untill light and creamy

Add in one egg at a time and mix till well combine before adding the second egg

Add in the vanilla extract and mix till well combine

Add the self raising flour in batches of three sieved and gentle whisk till well combine

Add in a M&M and mix till well combine

Chill the cookie dough in the fridge for an hour and preheat the oven to 170 degree celsius

Portion the cookie dough on parchment paper using two spoon (I use the stirring small spoon for tea)

Space the cookie dough 3-4cm apart as they will spread and puff up quite alot after they are baked.

Cut marshmallow in smaller pieces and press them on top of the cookie dough and add more chocolate chips or M&M

Bake them at 170 degree celsius at 12minutes.

Remember to never OVERBAKE, otherwise you will not get a soft and chewy cookie, these cookies hardens after cool down


When press with your finger gently, they should have a crust (which means they should not stick to your finger, but when a little pressure is applied, they should sink in rather easily)

when cookies are done, quickly take them out of the hot oven and rest them on a cooling rack, if possible, pull out the parchment paper with the cookie and rest them on the cooling rack is advised as the baking tray is very hot and can continue to bake the cookie.

Keep in a air tight container storage, can store up to 2 weeks in fridge.

Taste awesome, buttery but not strong, sweet but not overly sweet as there is a mix of brown and white sugar with a tint of vanilla scent.

The marshmallow turns slightly toasty and brown from the baking, the crunchiness of the M&M and peanuts M&M adds a greater variety on texture of this cookie.

A absolute fool proof chewy cookie keeper recipe.

Brought them to my colleague and they love it! 🙂